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Previously in Los angeles...

On a rooftop in North Hollywood, Owen and Elodie meet at a friend's birthday party. Then they meet again. And again. And again. They get to know each other, learn about each other, and maybe start to like each other. Again. And again. And again. For both of them, this one encounter challenges what they know about love, desire, hope and time. They discover that nothing lasts forever...except some things do.

Directed by Stephanie Sheh

Staring Jesse Rath (Defiance, Supergirl) and Nicole Sousa (This Game’s Called Murder)

with stage directions by Madi Goff

Video by Squirrelington Studios

Previously in New York...

HERETICS tells the story of Magali, a 13th century noblewoman, raised to believe that she is a descendant of Mary Magdalene with a duty to carry on that sacred bloodline. She marries an aging Knight Templar for that purpose but at the wedding feast a troubadour captures her heart, igniting a passion play of faith and love that propels them toward an inevitable sacrifice and greater understanding of legacy. The ensuing blend of courtly love and spiritual allegory, plays out in Languedoc as the Catholic Church burned fellow Christians by the hundreds and the French King stood by to annex the ashes. Classical in style and progressive in its point of view, this tapestry of historical heresies, sultry songs and witchcraft wisdom explores a violent and factional moment in history with haunting relevance today.

Our Mission

Bespoke Plays creates bi-coastal opportunities for writers with diverse stories and worldviews by producing play readings in Los Angeles and NYC customized to the goals of the writer and readiness of the play.

Our Goals

Read 8 new plays a year in Los Angeles and 4 in NYC with 2 read in both places.

Our Current Plans

We are using this time of social distancing to write new plays and experiment with new ways to share some of our previously read plays with a wider audience.