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Bespoke presents a work-in-progress reading of Erin's new musical. Directed by Danny Mefford.

Three co-workers have been thriving in a terrarium when a new hire suddenly appears, setting off a cascade of events that re-order a harmonious workplace dynamic with devastating results. Power, gender, and ecology do battle in the humble little jar we know as a terrarium.

50% of all tickets benefit End The Backlog, an organization that helps process the backlog of rape kits across the US.

Bespoke Plays is an LA based theater company dedicated to new works.

Our mission is to offer play readings customized to the goals of the writer and readiness of the play, for Los Angeles writers with diverse stories and worldviews, while supporting local charities and nonprofits.

Below is a gallery of lovely photos of our shows and stuff.


PAST Plays

We’ve remembered several plays. Here they are below.

For interest and inquiries in any specific play, please feel free to contact us.

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An all female sci-fi rom-com, Meet Cute tells the story of two women who meet in a bar for the first time - or is it the twelfth? The high concept is matched only by the lyrical language.

Written by Christine Boylan (The Punisher, Cloak & Dagger), Meet Cute was directed by Gina Young (Femmes: A Tragedy, SORORITY) and presented on September 24, 25 and 27, 2018. Gina Hiraizumi and Nicole DeSousa lead a cast completed by Victoria Ortiz, Cynthia Hamidi and Lisa Dinkins.



SOURCES is an intimate negotiation of complex conflicts of interest that begins in the early morning after the 2016 election, when a successful journalist receives a call from a corporate programmer who may or may not have invented an algorithm that can remove anonymity from the internet.

Fresh off his New York Innovative Theater Award for best actor, Ryan McCurdy (Greencard Wedding) made his Los Angeles debut alongside Ellie Pyle, in her play SOURCES, under the direction of Alan Smyth on October 26 and October 28, 2018.


Dark People

Written in the tradition of SLEUTH and DEATHTRAP, the play's very much the thing in this tale of a low-rent movie producer kidnapped by a street gang to pay off a debt. But don't be fooled; things are very much not what they seem in this story of crime and mistaken identity. By the end the lines between victim and victor become decidedly blurred.  

Written by Geoffrey Thorne (LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT, LEVERAGE, BLACK PANTHER’S QUEST), Dark People was presented starring Aldis Hodge (UNDERGROUND, LEVERAGE, STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON). Directed by Bola Ogun (ARE WE GOOD PARENTS?, THE WATER PHOENIX), the cast also included: David Julian Hirsh, Wade Allain-Marcus and Jeffrey Omura.



SUPPER follows four super rich and estranged brothers who are definitely not based on infamous right-wing industrialists the Koch brothers. As they reunite in Japan on the eve of the eldest brother’s wedding, what follows is a savage feast of lies, recriminations, and bitter truths served with a side of jet-black humor. Supper is a brute farce custom built for the age of Trump.

Darrett Sanders, Alex Elliott-Funk , Keiko Elizabeth, Joel Scher and Will McFadden reprised their roles from Theatre of NOTE’s Stage Raw nominated production of Phinneas Kiyomura’s SUPPER in a reading at at The Pico (10508 Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064), January 15th and 17th at 8pm, under the direction of Alina Phelan.


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