Bespoke Plays

Staged Readings in LA & NY

Featuring monologues written by J. Holtham, Christine Boylan, Ellie Pyle, Phinneas Kiyomura, Ryan McCurdy, Geoffrey Thorne, Jake Thomas, Brittany Curran, Jack Kelly, Madi Goff, James Ingram, Odin Austin Shafer, Jim McDermott, and David Tomlinson.

And performances by...

Alan Smyth

Mary Chieffo

Brittany Curran

Daryl Lathon

VonDexter Montegut III

Susan Louise O'Connor

Justin Lawrence Barnes

Stephanie Sheh

Mary Neely

Mick Bleyer

Madi Goff

Jay Faisca

Thomas L. Cunningham

Kelsey Sheppard

Laura Berberich

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Our Mission

Bespoke Plays creates bi-coastal opportunities for writers with diverse stories and worldviews by producing play readings in Los Angeles and NYC customized to the goals of the writer and readiness of the play.

Our Goals

Read 8 new plays a year in Los Angeles and 4 in NYC with 2 read in both places.

Our Current Plans

We are using this time of social distancing to write new plays and experiment with new ways to share some of our previously read plays with a wider audience.

Bespoke Plays Audio

Please enjoy this special encore audio presentation of our October 2018 play: Sources by Ellie Pyle.

In the early morning after the 2016 election, a successful journalist receives a call from a corporate programmer who may or may not have invented an algorithm that can remove anonymity from the internet, sparking an intimate negotiation of complex conflicts of interest. Set entirely on the phone, the play is intended to be performed on a single set which the actors move around as if they are alone.

Read by Ellie Pyle, Ryan McCurdy, and Christine Boylan. Sound design and engineering by Ryan McCurdy. Music by Ryan McCurdy and Bensound. Best enjoyed with headphones.

This content is free to steam or download but we do ask that you please: