Available Plays 

These plays are all new, unproduced and unpublished.  To request a copy of any script for further development or production, please email us at BespokePlays@gmail.com with "Inquiry" and the title of the play you are inquiring about in the subject line and we will put you in touch with the playwright. 


By Christine Boylan

It’s late one night in 2059 when Hyacinth, an engineer, decides to emotionally dismantle her butler, Cleve. Cleve... is a sexy robot.  What follows is an exploration of power dynamics in robot romance, the future of life extension, and the sublimated genius of women in this sci-fi tango about how to define human, and how to transcend it.

Characters: 1f, 1m

Run time: 80 minutes


By Ellie Pyle

Part courtly romance, part spiritual allegory, this re-imagining of the Magdalene mythos, in 13th-century Languedoc, weaves a tapestry of historical heresies, sultry songs and witchcraft wisdom.  Aesthetically Shakespearean, in modern prose, with one actor-musician or a cappella troubadour. 

Characters: 3f, 4m, one of the female roles is potentially nonbinary

Run time: 2 hours

The Parents

By Phinneas Kiyomura

Loosely inspired by a school shooting that shocked  the playwright’s high school, THE PARENTS is a four-character drama leavened with cutting comedy that explores the absurdity of America’s violently mad gun culture. By turns hilarious and heartbreaking, this boundary pushing play shatters us and then heals us without giving easy answers. THE PARENTS asks hard questions with humor and pathos. And answers those questions with love. Because that’s what parents do.                

Characters: 2w, 2m          

Run time: 2 hours 

The Sphere of Fixed Stars In the Heavens

By J. Holtham

On a rooftop in North Hollywood, Owen and Elodie meet at a friend's birthday party. Then they meet again. And again. And again. They get to know each other, learn about each other, and maybe start to like each other. Again. And again. And again. For both of them, this one encounter challenges what they know about love, desire, hope and time. They discover that nothing lasts forever...except some things do.

Characters: 1f, 1m

Run time: 80 minutes

Meet Cute 

By Christine Boylan

2019 O’Neill Center National Playwright’s Conference Semi-Finalist

An all female sci-fi rom-com, Meet Cute tells the story of two women who meet in a bar for the first time - or is it the twelfth? The high concept is matched only by the lyrical language. 

Characters: 5f      

Run time: 80 minutes

45 Bennington

By Ryan McCurdy

Meg has just won the house of her dreams in a church sweepstakes, but nothing is for free - and she'll not get a moment of peace if Vegas Strip magician King Aramad and a parade of unwelcome guests have anything to do with it. Someone is going to pay and someone has to die, but it's all for charity.

Characters: 3f, 2m

Run time: 90 minutes 

Lady Face 

By Madi Goff

The year is 2171 and society is in conflict over the “human” rights of artificial intelligence. In the dressing room of a theatre, backstage during a performance of the absurdist drama called “Five Madonnas”, Joan, a scientist and performer fascinated by human behavior, reunites with an old friend, Micaiah, an artificial intelligence in hiding. Joan and Micaiah’s tension-filled reunion reignites a repressed love triangle, challenging the existence of love in both human and non-human lifeforms.

Characters: 4f, 4m, 1nb

Run time: 2 hours with intermission


By Ellie Pyle

They call him "Graves" and if it's a ghost story you're looking for, he spins a tale so well you won't care whether it's true. He's mentored a lot of Savannah's ghost guides over the years, but his latest collection of stray art students is different: they want to learn magic. Thus far, he's been able to keep them distracted: a bit of Hermeticism here, a little Wicca there, never mind the root working born into these parts. But when a new girl joins the group, her innate gifts threaten to awaken things Graves buried long ago.

Characters: 3f, 3m

Run time: 100 minutes 

Dark People

By Geoffrey Throne

2021 O’Neill Center National Playwright’s Conference Semi-Finalist

Written in the tradition of SLEUTH and DEATHTRAP, the play's very much the thing in this tale of a low-rent movie producer kidnapped by a street gang to pay off a debt. But don't be fooled; things are very much not what they seem in this story of crime and mistaken identity. By the end the lines between victim and victor become decidedly blurred. 

Characters: 1f, 7m

Run time: 2 hours 


By Ellie Pyle

An intimate negotiation of complex conflicts of interest that begins in the early morning after the 2016 election, when a successful journalist receives a call from a corporate programmer who may or may not have invented an algorithm that can remove anonymity from the internet.

Characters: 1f, 1m

Run time: 80 minutes


By J. Holtham

 A group of creative-types hunker down in a room to create...something important. Stories, debate, accusations fly as loyalties are tested. Creation is a messy endeavor.

Characters: 2f, 3m, 1 any

Run time: 2 hours 


By Phinneas Kiyomura

A brute farce custom built for the age of Trump. As four super rich and estranged brothers (who are definitely not based on infamous right-wing industrialists the Koch brothers) reunite in Japan on the eve of the eldest brother’s wedding, what follows is a savage feast of lies, recriminations, and bitter truths served with a side of jet-black humor. 

Characters: 1f, 4m

Run time: 2 hours 

Whiterock Cliff

Music and Lyrics by Ryan McCurdy

Book by Ellie Pyle

A new musical about the Appalachian Trail, in which a rock star and a novelist decide to walk toward each from opposite directions. The magic of the trail confronts them with personal trials, memories, hard truths and a lot of humor as they encounter ghosts, eccentric fellow travelers, and even a bear.

Characters: 2f, 2m, 2 any  

Run time: 2 hours 


by Madi Goff                     

SYSTEMS follows Elizabeth, the host alter in the Blue Aster System, a DID system (see below)**, when the System's sister unexpectedly enters their life after a long separation. 6 actors embody 21 characters in this vibrant story that explores themes of family, compassion, and reconciliation. SYSTEMS is a heartfelt comedy about trauma and working with the past to make the most out of the present.

**SYSTEMS features a character with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). Formerly known as “Multiple Personality Disorder” in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, DID is a diagnosis that carries a great deal of harmful stigma due in large part to disinformation and stereotypes created by the entertainment industry and media. While this disorder is very serious and often requires psychiatric assistance and therapy, SYSTEMS aims to show a person with DID in a realistic and positive light.

Characters: Many. Was read with a flexible cast of 4w, 2m          

Run time: 2 hours 

Snakeskin Suit

by J. Holtham

Lily's new boyfriend is funny, charming, sweet and one hell of a kisser. There's one catch: he's The Devil. Literally. Satan Incarnate. He's retired, left all that demon business behind, is just a nice guy, standing in front of a nice girl. But still. When you're dating in L.A., is that really a deal breaker? A comedy about falling in love, making it work and whether or not the road to hell is paved with good dates.

Characters: 2f, 2m

Run time: 70 minutes

Life in Paradox

by Laura Bensick 

A documentary drama that spans nine years in the playwright's life after her brother receives a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. It's an intimate, real-life exploration of mental illness in a family.

Characters: 1f, 2m, 1 any

Run time: 60 minutes


by Alex Engel

A gay army sniper grapples with his sexuality and morality in the American military before navigating the treacherous political process to deliver sudden and decisive change. 

Characters: 1m         

Run time: < 60 minutes 

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