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SYSTEMS follows Elizabeth, the host alter in the Blue Aster System, a DID system (see below)**, when the System's sister unexpectedly enters their life after a long separation. 6 actors embody 21 characters in this vibrant story that explores themes of family, compassion, and reconciliation. SYSTEMS is a heartfelt comedy about trauma and working with the past to make the most out of the present.

Video by Squirrelington Studios

**SYSTEMS features a character with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). Formerly known as “Multiple Personality Disorder” in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, DID is a diagnosis that carries a great deal of harmful stigma due in large part to disinformation and stereotypes created by the entertainment industry and media. While this disorder is very serious and often requires psychiatric assistance and therapy, SYSTEMS aims to show a person with DID in a realistic and positive light.


Madi Goff

Mary Chieffo

Charley Flyte

Eliza HubertH

VonDexter Monetgut II


Arlo Sanders

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A new play by Bespoke's master of the brute farce, Phinneas Kiyomura (Supper). Directed by Michael Matthews.

Loosely inspired by a school shooting that shocked the playwright’s high school, THE PARENTS is a four-character drama leavened with cutting comedy that explores the absurdity of America’s violently mad gun culture. By turns hilarious and heartbreaking, this boundary pushing play shatters us and then heals us without giving easy answers. THE PARENTS asks hard questions with humor and pathos. And answers those questions with love. Because that’s what parents do.

Featuring: Kirsten Vangsness (CRIMINAL MINDS; Mess; Cleo, Theo, & Wu); June Carryl (HELSTROM, Y: THE LAST MAN); Feodor Chin (BIG LITTLE LIES, Overwatch, League of Legends); John Colella (SILICON VALLEY); with stage directions by Dana Shaw.

They call him "Graves" and if it's a ghost story you're looking for, he spins a tale so well you won't care whether it's true. He's mentored a lot of Savannah's ghost guides over the years, but his latest collection of stray art students is different: they want to learn magic. Thus far, he's been able to keep them distracted: a bit of Hermeticism here, a little Wicca there, never mind the root working born into these parts. But when a new girl joins the group, her innate gifts threaten to awaken things Graves buried long ago.

We love the push the visual boundaries of what a staged reading can be and this filmed version takes out "you'll forget it's not a production" style to a whole new level!

Written by Ellie Pyle
Directed by Bola Ogun (Shadow and Bone, The Witcher)


Isa Briones

Justin Lawrence Barnes

VonDexter Montegut II

Adriana Isabel


Thomas Cunningham