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To request plays we've read for further development or production, please email us at with "Inquiry" and the title of the play you are inquiring about in the subject line and we will put you in touch with the playwright. 

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We have vowed to keep reading plays "until we die (or run out of money)" and are enormously grateful to the patrons who help with that second part. Bespoke Plays is an entirely volunteer run organization, so most of our operating budget comes out of our own pockets.  Our expenses include space rental and insurance, Equity recommended stipends for all our actors and directors, and minor production costs like printing.  

You can help us out with monthly Patronage, with perks including digital and in person season tickets on

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However you chose to support, rest assured that your generous assistance will go toward future plays! 

(And most likely into some nice actors' pockets)

Get Involved

The best way to get involved in a future Bespoke Plays reading as an actor or director is to come to a reading and introduce yourself afterwards.

We are not accepting script submissions at this time, but stay tuned!